Approximate dimensions Height: 7 feet Width: 4 feet

The Doodlewood Chair took three years to complete and is made from
38 planks of American tulip wood, laminated together.
The design of the chair was deeply inspired by nature,                         music and the love of wood.
While the design is visually delicate, the chair is                         amazingly robust and comfortable.
The Doodlewood chair is unique in every aspect.
Private viewing available on request.
The Doodlewood Chair is located in Kent UK.
Privately owned sculptures occupy many worldwide locations.
For furniture commissions please email me.
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Partly Blocked Up Chair
Fully Blocked Up Footstool
Chainsaw Carving Begins

These next few photos show the chair during the first phases of
Chainsaw carving, heavy cuts with shape and forms appearing.
The Footstool gets its first cuts, with a good final impression
 already formed after finishing the Chainsaw carving.
The very dusty stages begin with the grinder, to grind out
heavy Chainsaw marks, readying for sanding.
For work on the underside, as well as laying the chair down, I was contorting
my body in all directions to get into all the nooks and crannies.
File Sanding Stage.
Although very dusty work, I really enjoyed this stage of the work creating the deep cuts and runs, bringing out the root forms and working the wood at points to its limit.
Sanding and Sealing
Final fine sanding, then a shellac sealer to seal the wood.
The chair is now ready for contrast colour inlays.
 The yellowed images are after shellac had been applied.
Final Stages
After sealing the final stages involved insetting the English Oak seat, armrest and seat back.  Then final polishing, and after 3 years it is complete.
Godinton House in Ashford Kent was where the Doodlewood Chair was first exhibited. Below shows the Mayor of Ashford L Lawrie seated.
Here we have the Doodlewood Chair together with Doodlewood Table and Sculpt.
Here are some other privately owned sculptures

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" I am amazed that this is made from wood.
Wow. I wish it was mine "
Graham S